Yashica Electro GSN

I’m kind of irresponsible.  Every time I buy a fancy (or just normal) digital camera, I end up spending all my rent money on makeup or crab meat or something and then I have to sell it back.  That’s fine — I never really end up regretting it, but it does mean that I gave up on owning a nice future camera a long time ago.

I do love taking pictures, though, so my solution was to just buy myself a cheap, cool film camera that I could never ever sell back because no one would buy it.  So I bought an Electro!  All the pictures taken by it on flickr looked so pretty ( http://www.flickr.com/groups/yashicaelectro35/pool/ ) and it only cost about $30.  Here’s mine:

It’s old and beat up and kind of gross and it weighs like 9 pounds but it takes really pretty pictures.  I know basically nothing about cameras, so I’m not going to try and pretend that I do, but here are pictures that I’ve taken with it:

Check out that whimsy.  I don’t regret buying this camera.

I give my Electro a B+ (only because it’s so so heavy)

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The Secret Language of BIRTHDAYS

When I meet new people, I don’t bother getting to know them or their interests.  I don’t have to anymore, I have The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers.  I have a magical book that makes all my friendship/relationship decisions for me.  It’s cool.

The Book looks like this…

…and has a page for every day of the year (even February 29th!  there truly is something for everyone).  Every day comes complete with a ridiculous title, lucky numbers, a list of other amazing people born on your special day, something about tarot, something about health, and vague advice.  The most important part is probably either the list of 3 strengths and weaknesses right at the end of each page or the eternally useful meditation italicized at the bottom of your day.  Here, I’ll give an example —

My day (February Twenty-Second)’s title is THE DAY OF UNIVERSALITY which rules.  George Washington and I have the same birthday, so the longer description is basically about how awesome people born on this day are, how we’re born leaders, how we’re really well-suited to rule the world, etc., etc., obvious stuff.  People born on my day are ruled by the number 4 because 2 + 2 = 4.  Again, cool, accessible, logical, awesome.  My tarot card is The Fool, which sounds kind of insulting BUT isn’t once you realize that The Fool is a “highly spiritualized being free of material considerations.”

According to The Book, I’m prone to ignoring my health (and I totally do! ) and its advice to me is to not be so demanding of the world, which always confused me since I thought that I was supposed to take over the world, but whatever.

Finally, my meditation is “In some obscure corners of the world, the Ideal and the Real have consummated a secret marriage.”  Basically, I’m well-rounded and perfect.  This book is never wrong.  My strengths are that I’m “unselfish, idealistic and dedicated” and my weaknesses are that I’m “unforgiving, pessimistic and overcritical” which is just silly.  Everybody makes mistakes, though, even The Book.

One time I stopped dating a guy because his day was called THE DAY OF THE SCRAMBLER and I couldn’t handle it.  True story.

The Secret Language of BIRTHDAYS gets a B – for sheer force of novelty.

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Milk Of Magnesia

I am the greasiest.  If I go 2 hours without blotting or putting powder on, I look like someone got mad at me and poured olive oil on my face.  Even if I do that, I still have to re-do my makeup midway through the day or else it just kind of turns into another layer of oil and grosses me out.  Summers are the worst for this.  Here’s a picture of me right after waking up and washing my face (before I’ve had a chance to get oily):

And here’s a picture of me 2 hours later with just moisturizer (and a mask of oil, obvs):

it’s gross.

BUT, a few years ago I read an article on oily skin that mentioned using Milk of Magnesia as a kind of pre-primer.  I thought that using a laxative on my face sounded weird and silly but I was also in a lifelong state of desperation RE: oil, so I tried it.  My life changed.

Milk of Magnesia is the only thing (aside from a few primers, and even those only last for a few hours) that has ever worked at keeping my face from getting oily.  It works for about 9-10 hours, too — there have been a few times that I went to parties and then came home the next morning with a perfect face of makeup — this stuff is magical.  Here’s what you do:

Buy any bottle of Milk of Magnesia.  They’re usually 3 dollars or less for 12 oz, which is probably like 10 more ounces than you’ll need for a year.  The brand doesn’t matter, just make sure it’s the plain kind (unscented and unflavored).

Take a teeny teeny tiny little bit of it (I shake the bottle and then press my finger on the cap to get a little) and dab it onto either your whole face or just the parts that are oily.  Rub it in gently but thoroughly or else you’ll end up with white streaks on your face.  Wait for it to dry and carry on as usual.  That’s it!  It stays on your face until you wash it off and soaks up pretty much all of the oil for you.

Here’s a picture of me after about 4 hours out in the sun with just sunscreen and Milk of Magnesia on:

I love it.

I give Milk of Magnesia a B+ (it would be higher if it wasn’t so prone to streaking)

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Baby Wipes

I love baby wipes.  I love the smell, I love that you can get them anywhere, I love that you can use them to clean anything.  I always carry around a little plastic baggie full of them and I’m such a gross slob that they’re all always gone by the end of the week.  I use them if I get too sweaty, or if get food on myself, or if i accidentally splash mud on me, or if i’m in a public bathroom and there’s no toilet paper (nothing is more satisfying than having a backup plan for this), etc etc I LOVE THEM.

My favorite thing to use them for, though, is makeup removal.  Makeup wipes almost always make me break out, but baby wipes never have PLUS one wipe is usually enough to get everything off, no matter how waterproof it is (and nearly everything I wear is waterproof since I am a disgusting greasemonster).

Pampers Sensitive Thick wipes are my favorite.  It’s like wiping your face with a soft quilt, which is nicer than it sounds.  They don’t ever break up and they feel so nice on your skin, especially in the summer.

A demonstration:

me with way too much makeup on, most of it waterproof/my day look:

then here’s me after using one baby wipe to clean it all off:


baby wipes get an a+ from me



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Laura Gellar Blush -N- Brighten in Honey Dipped

I got this blush/bronzer for free in my last birchbox, which was delightful.  They sent a full size one, even though they usually cost around $32!  It’s almost like free and I love free.

I did, though, expect for it to suck since they were basically just giving it away to people.  It didn’t!  The color that I got (honey dipped) goes really well with my skin tone (NC30/32-34 in MUFE) — it’s a nice bronzed honey that could work equally well as a blush (if you use it lightly) or bronzer.  It’s really heavily pigmented, which I didn’t realize when I first tried it, so I ended up looking like an amazonian princess who put her makeup on in the dark.  It looked much nicer when I only did a few light strokes against my cheeks.

I like this blush a lot — the only downside is the price, which seemed a lot less ridiculous when I saw how much you actually get.  It’s about the same size as 1 and 1/2 Nars blush compacts.  Oh — you get a brush too if you actually buy it.

Here are a few pictures:

(Here’s me wearing no makeup on the top and only the Blush -N- Brighten on the bottom)

I give it a B.

Here’s the link:  Laura Gellar

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