Milk Of Magnesia

I am the greasiest.  If I go 2 hours without blotting or putting powder on, I look like someone got mad at me and poured olive oil on my face.  Even if I do that, I still have to re-do my makeup midway through the day or else it just kind of turns into another layer of oil and grosses me out.  Summers are the worst for this.  Here’s a picture of me right after waking up and washing my face (before I’ve had a chance to get oily):

And here’s a picture of me 2 hours later with just moisturizer (and a mask of oil, obvs):

it’s gross.

BUT, a few years ago I read an article on oily skin that mentioned using Milk of Magnesia as a kind of pre-primer.  I thought that using a laxative on my face sounded weird and silly but I was also in a lifelong state of desperation RE: oil, so I tried it.  My life changed.

Milk of Magnesia is the only thing (aside from a few primers, and even those only last for a few hours) that has ever worked at keeping my face from getting oily.  It works for about 9-10 hours, too — there have been a few times that I went to parties and then came home the next morning with a perfect face of makeup — this stuff is magical.  Here’s what you do:

Buy any bottle of Milk of Magnesia.  They’re usually 3 dollars or less for 12 oz, which is probably like 10 more ounces than you’ll need for a year.  The brand doesn’t matter, just make sure it’s the plain kind (unscented and unflavored).

Take a teeny teeny tiny little bit of it (I shake the bottle and then press my finger on the cap to get a little) and dab it onto either your whole face or just the parts that are oily.  Rub it in gently but thoroughly or else you’ll end up with white streaks on your face.  Wait for it to dry and carry on as usual.  That’s it!  It stays on your face until you wash it off and soaks up pretty much all of the oil for you.

Here’s a picture of me after about 4 hours out in the sun with just sunscreen and Milk of Magnesia on:

I love it.

I give Milk of Magnesia a B+ (it would be higher if it wasn’t so prone to streaking)

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2 responses to “Milk Of Magnesia

  1. Bri

    OMG, did not know about this trick! Definitely trying it out!!

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