Yashica Electro GSN

I’m kind of irresponsible.  Every time I buy a fancy (or just normal) digital camera, I end up spending all my rent money on makeup or crab meat or something and then I have to sell it back.  That’s fine — I never really end up regretting it, but it does mean that I gave up on owning a nice future camera a long time ago.

I do love taking pictures, though, so my solution was to just buy myself a cheap, cool film camera that I could never ever sell back because no one would buy it.  So I bought an Electro!  All the pictures taken by it on flickr looked so pretty ( http://www.flickr.com/groups/yashicaelectro35/pool/ ) and it only cost about $30.  Here’s mine:

It’s old and beat up and kind of gross and it weighs like 9 pounds but it takes really pretty pictures.  I know basically nothing about cameras, so I’m not going to try and pretend that I do, but here are pictures that I’ve taken with it:

Check out that whimsy.  I don’t regret buying this camera.

I give my Electro a B+ (only because it’s so so heavy)

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