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Baby Wipes

I love baby wipes.  I love the smell, I love that you can get them anywhere, I love that you can use them to clean anything.  I always carry around a little plastic baggie full of them and I’m such a gross slob that they’re all always gone by the end of the week.  I use them if I get too sweaty, or if get food on myself, or if i accidentally splash mud on me, or if i’m in a public bathroom and there’s no toilet paper (nothing is more satisfying than having a backup plan for this), etc etc I LOVE THEM.

My favorite thing to use them for, though, is makeup removal.  Makeup wipes almost always make me break out, but baby wipes never have PLUS one wipe is usually enough to get everything off, no matter how waterproof it is (and nearly everything I wear is waterproof since I am a disgusting greasemonster).

Pampers Sensitive Thick wipes are my favorite.  It’s like wiping your face with a soft quilt, which is nicer than it sounds.  They don’t ever break up and they feel so nice on your skin, especially in the summer.

A demonstration:

me with way too much makeup on, most of it waterproof/my day look:

then here’s me after using one baby wipe to clean it all off:


baby wipes get an a+ from me




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