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Laura Gellar Blush -N- Brighten in Honey Dipped

I got this blush/bronzer for free in my last birchbox, which was delightful.  They sent a full size one, even though they usually cost around $32!  It’s almost like free and I love free.

I did, though, expect for it to suck since they were basically just giving it away to people.  It didn’t!  The color that I got (honey dipped) goes really well with my skin tone (NC30/32-34 in MUFE) — it’s a nice bronzed honey that could work equally well as a blush (if you use it lightly) or bronzer.  It’s really heavily pigmented, which I didn’t realize when I first tried it, so I ended up looking like an amazonian princess who put her makeup on in the dark.  It looked much nicer when I only did a few light strokes against my cheeks.

I like this blush a lot — the only downside is the price, which seemed a lot less ridiculous when I saw how much you actually get.  It’s about the same size as 1 and 1/2 Nars blush compacts.  Oh — you get a brush too if you actually buy it.

Here are a few pictures:

(Here’s me wearing no makeup on the top and only the Blush -N- Brighten on the bottom)

I give it a B.

Here’s the link:  Laura Gellar

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